How to Deal with Mold Growth in Your Closet

Mold is a nightmare for every homeowner. It can grow anywhere in your house, including your closets. If you live in a humid climate area where the indoor humidity level is very high, moisture can get into your closets making the best environment for mold and mildew growth. Therefore, you need to prevent mold from growing by keeping your closets dry all the time.

10 Proven Tips to Get Rid Of Mold in Closets

  • First off, if the environment outside the closets is too humid and smells musty, it can be the signs of mold growth. You need to use some remedies to eliminate mold from the outside such as using an air purifier or hire a professional.
  • Make sure your closets are sealed without any moist air get into them.
  • Wash your clothes before storing them in closets. Never store dirty clothes because organic substances and dirt are mold’s food sources.
  • Put a mini dehumidifier in your closets and let it absorb excess moisture inside the closets.
  • Never pack clothes too tightly in wardrobes. They need spaces for better air circulation that will help reduce moisture.
  • Don’t store your clothes in plastic boxes or any sealed boxes. Once again, your clothes need to breathe.
  • Use wire shelves to allow air to circulate between your clothes
  • Don’t open your closets’ doors too many times if you are living in a humid climate
  • You need to clean, empty and dry your closets on a monthly or quarterly basis. It helps to keep your clothes aired out, reducing the risk of mold growth in your closets.
  • Finally, if your clothes smell musty, you need to take them out and wash them thoroughly with anti-mold detergent, then clean your closets with vinegar/bleach, let them all dry and put your clean clothes into the closets.

These bullet lists above are the 10 proven tips to eliminate existing mold and prevent them from regrowing in your clothes and your closets. They are just easy-to-do home remedies and may not help you to get rid of mold completely. For advanced methods, you need to hire a professional.

Also, if you have the budget to install a whole house dehumidifier along with an air purifier, it can help you to solve your mold problems not only in your closets but also in every room of your house. Keep mold at bay with those appliances is very simple to do!

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