5 Secrets for Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Hello. This is Carol. Welcome to my very first entry on this blog. Today I will write something about relationships based on my experiences instead of writing about clothing related stuff (that’s what we have been doing for years).

Starting a relationship can be very exciting and fulfilling, especially for young people, but many will agree with me that that’s the easy part. 

The real test does not lie in the early stages of your budding love‎. The real challenge lies in building and sustaining a lasting relationship that can lead to… pretty much anything you desire of it. But with skyrocketing divorce rates over the past half-century and breakups everywhere, you’ll need all the help you can get. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are five tips that are guaranteed to keep your flame burning.

1. Communication is key

Talking about everyday things, especially the little things, can really strengthen any relationship. Also, remember that communication is a two-way street. You have to make sincere efforts to listen to your partner and try to understand their own views – especially on sensitive issues. If possible make out time every day to have a candid chat with your partner. A breakdown in communication is the first step towards the end of any relationship. It’s important that couples always tell each other what’s going on in their heads, especially before anger and malice creeps in. A simple honest conversation and a heartfelt apology at the right time can quench just about any fire raging in your relationship, so get talking.

2. Trust

Trusting your partner may sound easy enough but in truth, it’s a difficult and often risky thing to do. Trust in relationships is like a rubber band held at both ends by each partner, if either of them breaks that trust by “letting go” it hurts the other. Sincerity and genuine honesty are the building blocks of trust in a relationship while Lies and deceit are the sledgehammers that tear it down. It’s important that you get to know your spouse or partner inside out so that you can confidently tell their strengths and vices because if you do not really know your partner you might find it difficult to truly trust them, and any relationship without trust is like a sports car with no engine -it may look good- but it can’t take you anywhere.

3. Little things, Big results 

Remember all those little things you used to do for your partner when you were still trying to get their attention? Come on guys! You know what I mean. Opening doors for your lady, Romantic texts at night and in the morning, not forgetting the endless myriad of compliments at every given chance. These things and every other random acts of love you did for your partner should not end just because you’re finally dating now or you’ve gotten married to your spouse. Believe it or not, every little thing you did has brought you to where you are right now, and that’s what your partner remembers when they think of you, so don’t relent. It could be buying him a gift on your anniversary, or doing the dishes before your wife gets home, or waking up next to your partner and telling them how happy and complete they make you feel. That my friends are the little things that keep the wheels spinning and makes you fall in love all over again

4. Spend quality time together

 Many might think to themselves “duhh!! Everyone knows this”. True, but how many actually commit to it?  With the way technology is set up these days, countless social media platforms offer many ways to “connect” with people without actually making a personal connection. For any relationship to blossom, you need to set aside time from your busy schedules at least once every week and just simply hangout. It could be a picnic, or going to see a movie together, or going to a concert. Whatever it is make sure it’s just the two of you with no distractions-meaning your phones have to go. and if you can’t make it out or you’re strapped for cash, you could also spend time in the comfort of your home, perhaps even having a couple’s game night with some activities planned, you could even invite a couple of friends to add to the fun and spice up the atmosphere, but the ultimate goal is for the both of you to spend time together.

5. Have your own life

Make out time to engage in your own individual activities without your partner. Now many of you might think this is in sharp contrast to what’s above, but it’s not. In trying to ensure that they spend enough quality time with their partner many people tend to overdo it and neglect other relationships with friends and colleagues.  Most times when you spend too much time with one person you tend to get bored or things begin to fall into a routine, and you feel complacent. It’s essential that you and your spouse have vibrant lives outside your relationship, especially with family and friends. It’s also important that you both have hobbies and can pass time without each other’s company. So that whenever you meet after a short or long time, you can “miss” each other and have loads to talk about.

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